Get the best help from the record retention solution experts

Document retention and destruction process of each organization differ from others as per the type of record and industry. To protect your organization from legal risks and to avoid penalties it is crucial to have a record retention policy that clearly defines legal and compliance recordkeeping requirements for your company. The document retention policy is a complex process that protects records that are essential to mission-critical business operations and destroy or delete insignificant documents such as safety reports, personnel files—after termination, attendance records, etc. consequently save storage space.

Seek the help of technology

With the advancement of technology ever new effective and user-friendly software has been introduced to enhance the workplace efficiency and record retention software is one such powerful tool that helps to avoid penalties and legal risks associated with deleting documents. With high-performance software, organization can save a significant amount of time and storage space as it enables to locate and retrieve records immediately when required and automatically destroy the insignificant documents without any intervention.

Evaluate credibility

Most of the experienced and professional’s retention solution providers never provide a one-size-fits solution as they believe that every organization has its unique retention needs. Moreover, there is such a specific law and regulation for the retention period, cut off, and disposition method is hence creating record retention schedule without in-depth knowledge of the law, and information governance requirements might cost huge on the reputation of the organization.

Hence choose a company who have adequate experience and has been serving an organization of all sizes with customizing retention solution for decades.

Things to consider

With the right retention partner, every organization can feel safe and confident. Consider a few factors for the smooth function of the retention schedule

  • All business units should follow the same retention schedule
  • Always document the justification for the retention periods so that in case of litigation you can produce the same in court
  • Review retention policy periodically and do necessary modification as per changes law if needed.