How to Respond to a Truck Accident

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Trucks are large and powerful vehicles. They dominate the road, and the drivers of smaller cars should keep a safe distance from them. Truck drivers also have a responsibility to be alert and conscientious on the road. If you have been injured in a truck accident and you are convinced it was the fault of the other driver, then you have legal options.

Your First Move

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit, the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer. Before you file a claim you must have the beginnings of a legal strategy in place. During the first consultation your lawyer will want you to recount the events that led up to the accident and all that occurred afterward. Your attorney is interested in the particulars of the accident and the impact it has had on you and your family. This story will serve as the basis for the legal strategy.

A Life-Altering Event

Being involved in a truck accident can turn your entire life upside down. Such accidents tend to be exceptionally violent, leaving few people able to walk away unscathed. If you were seriously injured, then you will need to spend some time in the hospital—weeks or even months. This means a sudden loss of income and the rapid accumulation of medical bills, including expenses for rehabilitative therapy and medical prescription. Even when you are ready to go back to your job, you may be forced to work shorter hours or to accept a lower-paying job.

This can put tremendous stress and strain on your family. It can put you in the most desperate circumstances. You should not have to go through this alone. The people responsible for this disaster should be held accountable.

Who to Sue

Your lawsuit will not be directed at the driver. Operators of 18-wheelers are employees of large companies, and the latter are ultimately responsible for the actions of their drivers. Trucking companies are obligated to oversee and review the training and qualifications of their drivers. They must also enforce certain rules and regulations regarding mandatory rest periods.

The unfortunate truth is that many truck companies do the opposite: they encourage their drivers to disregard mandatory rest periods so as to meet tight schedules and quick turnaround times. Driver fatigue and lack of sleep are commonly at fault in truck accidents. Many truckers are pushed to their physical limits by unscrupulous and demanding employers.

A personal injury lawyer like Alpert Schreyer can get to the bottom of such matters. They will launch an investigation into the truck company to discover whether they broke rules to increase profit. The accident may also have been caused by the failure of a part or system in the truck. In that instance, the manufacturer of the part can also be sued.

No matter who your lawyer advises you to sue, they will be able to gather enough evidence to prove wrongdoing on their part. The case need not go to trial. Your lawyer may be able to compel them to offer you a just compensation package.