Identifying Problems with a Low Flow Switch

For businesses that need to measure the flow of gases and liquids through a certain point, such as a stream or a pipe, having a low flow switch is essential. Like other pieces of equipment, a flow switch needs to be maintained properly. This helps to catch any problems early before they become a significant issue. On the other hand, there are still some common problems that might arise. It is important to understand the basics of these issues so that they can be handled quickly.

Scaling on the Flow Switch

One of the most common problems that will arise is termed scaling. This term is used to describe the buildup that metallic ions can create on the switch itself. Over time, the ions contained in liquids will precipitate out as crystalline solids. As they crystallize, they will start to attach themselves to the walls of the piping. Examples of possible ions include magnesium, sodium, and calcium. These ions will constrict the diameter of the piping, restricting the flow through space. Of course, these same ions can also collect inside of the flow switch itself, inhibiting its sensors and causing it to have problems doing its job. If the meter is no longer displaying consistent readings, it could be a sign that scaling is starting to damage the meter.

The Buildup of Sludge

Sludge is a catch-all term that is used to describe foreign objects that might build up and become suspended in the liquid itself. IT could appear as sediment along the surface of the film. This sludge circulates with the fluid itself and can interfere with the readings of the meter. There are mechanical components in the meter that can also be degraded by the sludge as it flows past. Sludge can be removed using a strainer; however, removing all of the sludge can be a major hassle.

Rusting of the Flow Switch can Occur

Another problem that could arise in the low flow switch is the buildup of rust. Rusting occurs in the pipes as the metal oxidizes. While there are certain materials that can be added to the piping, such as corrosion inhibitors, any metal that is exposed to the air will eventually generate rust. As water flows through the pipes, the liquid will kick off flakes of rust. This rust can attach to the flow meter, inhibiting the readings.

Handling Problems with the Flow Switch with Maintenance

These are all common problems that businesses are going to have to face with their flow switch. Make sure to perform all of the routine maintenance on time to try and minimize these problems from impacting the performance of the meter itself.