What Are the Various Types Available for Packaging Methods?

Packaging is not just meant for sending the products to the consumers but it is also used for creating the market of the product too. Therefore, the importance of packaging has improved exponentially over the last few years in the market.

There are different kinds of packaging methods available at Netpak which are as follows:

Anti-corrosive Packaging

Such packaging is meant for protecting those metal products which are likely to get corroded if it is exposed to certain atmosphere. Materials e.g. paper, oil, chips, VCI bubble film and bags are used to form anti-corrosive packaging and it helps preventing goods from getting exposed to various kinds of climate zones

Methods used are:

Aluminum barrier foil which is mixed with desiccants

Volatile corrosion inhibitors papers and films

Coating methods

In following cases usually anti-corrosive packaging are used:

Exporting/shipping goods either by sea or to any moisture prone environments

To store metallic goods for long periods of time

Any metal goods that are sensitive to corrosion

To ship any unassembled parts

Completely knocked down (CKD) shipment like cars

Any temporarily laying of planes, machines

Pharma Packaging

Such packaging is meant for pharmaceutical products

Different methods used are:

Tertiary packaging

Primary and secondary packaging

Following are common primary packages:

Blister packs



Timed Dosing

Plastics Packaging

Usually plastics packaging is meant for packaging any item which is fragile or certain non-perishable products. Following are few trends of plastic packaging:

Changing consumer habits

Various developments in polymer science field

Increase in urbanization as well as growing young population

Increase in investment in the area of food processing and also production in China

Increase in use of home/personal care products

More increase of plastic pouches uses by various consumers and retailers

Following are few benefits of this plastic packaging:

Cost effective





Flexible Packaging

Such flexible packaging is made with different flexible materials which are packed, sealed and is able to retain the required freshness of the content.

It can be either molding the packages in certain shape or preserving its flavor and safety or logistical aspects. All these are covered in the form of flexible packaging.

This can be one of the major benefits which make this packaging as most favorite choice for any kind of food packaging.

Your package can last longer if it can be stored in proper conditions. Such flexible packaging is also environmentally friendly because it uses very less material and also has less wastage too.